Thursday, February 4, 2016

Entrepreneur La-Renda Jones

Chronicles: Hello, Happy 2016 and Welcome to a Special Edition of Facebook Diva Friday Chronicles. As you may remember, I've stepped away temporarily as I focus on completing my MSW studies(will be finishing in August). However, I was recently approached by today's guest who expressed an interest in participating and telling her story. Of course, I was quite interested as the most challenging aspect to this process has been to secure a steady flow of willing participants. So a very special thanks to this weeks guest, La-Renda Jones for sharing her story. 

La-Renda: I am a native New Yorker born and raised in New York City. I began my out of state moving journey within my late 30's attending Theological Programs within New York and outside. I resided in Washington DC completing my MSW from Howard University. Well you could say family wise, it's always been estranged but as I came to Christ. I kept them within my prayers and still do. My journey started with education from the beginning

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poet Isna Tianti

Special Notice: Isna will be performing at the Freestyle Productions "A Touch of Jazz" on Thursday, August 6, 2015 at the Riverdale Town Center Pavilion. Doors open at 6:00; event begins at 7:00 and will feature Jazz Songstress 'Felicia & Friends' and Leslie D. Poet will be the Host. And don't forget that Isna's book and earrings will be available for purchase at booth 954 at the Steve Harvey Expo on Friday August 7-9th from 9-5. And Isna will be there personally on Friday and partially on Saturday afternoon as a vendor.
Hello, It's great to be back for the first monthly edition of FB Diva Friday Chronicles! This month's guest is the super talented Poet Isna Tianti!

Chronicles: Hello Isna! Let me say how thankful and grateful that I am for your willing participation with FB Diva Friday Chronicles. Please share with the readers an overview of your background and professional development. 

Isna: My birth name is Isna Anderson. I was born in Cleveland Ohio, but was reared in Southern, California. As a child we had a very challenging time as a family, but I had a strong, loving, and devoted mother. After High School I went

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Diva Weekly July 11-17

Remember when James Brown was known as "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business"? Well Diva14 Chrystee Pharris is right there with him as, once again, she's jettisoned across country to New York City and giving her fans some pretty exciting photos and updates of her goings in the Big Apple. 

Diva28 Tiffany Emerge Boyle on her last night in Vegas at Bellagio Las Vegas..."Life is good. Work hard, Play hard!!! Blessed".  

The grind presented a challenge for even mega Entrepreneur Diva13 Vicki Irvin at her recent 2 Day Business Reinvention Retreat.  And speaking of Vicki, a Special Congratulations to her for the launch of her new Super Woman LifeStyle Network. 

Over the Weekend Chrystee Pharris was busting it out at the Paramount party.  Those in Philadelpha will be able to catch up with that busy bee Chrystee at the 'Free Business of Acting Workshop' on Saturday July 18, 2015. More info here:

Dive12 Author and Entrepreneur Veronica Pearson has a special treat in the offering...a new music video.

See what other social networking platform of which you can keep up with Diva29 Louiseza Sanderson. 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Diva Weekly - July 10, 2015

FB Diva Friday Chronicles has gone to a reformat of the weekly postings. Due to the difficulty of securing individuals for interviews and an ever increasingly challenging MSW workload, I am temporarily suspending the weekly articles until further notice. The Chronicles marketing resources are yet available so I will continue to post a Diva Chronicles Weekly and include an occasional interview as time and available participants permits. This was a difficult decision for me, but it has become increasingly difficult to do quality work on both ends and I certainly want to commit my very best to individual article submissions. Thanks for your support and I look forward to the resumption of normal production at a later date. 

Divinely Inspired, Victoriously Ascending.....Diva! 

FB Diva Chronicles "Diva Top 5"

There has been a significant reshuffling of the Diva Top 5 as Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett has forged into the lead with 340 page views.

Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett,Diva27 340. 

Vanessa is the Founder of "The Authors Care Services"  and was born in Clapham Common, South London and raised in a Catholic household.

Actress Odessa Sykes Feaster, Diva21, 319.

Odessa is a SAG/AFTRA actress who has worked with  Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman.

 Author Crystal Brown-Tatum, Diva19, 317.

Chrystal is an Author, Entrepreneur and Activist who is a leader in various community causes to include cancer awareness and troubled teen interventions.

Activist Lydia Lane Jackson, Diva24,  313.

Lydia is the founder of G Platform who teaches individuals how to be successful in business. She is also an advocate for women victims of domestic violence. 

Author Elaine Flowers, Diva4, 305.

 Author Elaine Flowers has parleyed a successful hair care career into a highly successful passion as a Best Selling Author of Mainstream Fiction and Screenwriter. 

In Other News:  

Producer, Michele Cannon's Diva6, new Apocalyptic film Meri-Mary-Mari has received an exciting wright-up in Insider for its usage of TinyStic technology.  

Publisher,  Tiffany Emerge Boyle, Diva28, to be featured at the August 5, 2015 Fairfax Fashion Week. 

Activist and Entrepreneur Lydia Lane Jackson, Diva24, was featured recently on Amazon for her video How to Use Tree Hangers. 

Actress Chrystee Pharris, Diva14, Has been busy on the set of Devious Maids.   

Musician Jack Pearl(Brittani Washington) Diva23, is looking to help Houston, TX street musicians.  


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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Business Coach and Consultant Louiseza Sanderson

More From Louiseza Sanderson!
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Hello FB Diva Friday Chronicles family. You've probably seen this week's guest on many platforms on Facebook. 

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome the very accomplished Louiseza Sanderson, founder of 

Chronicles: Hello Louiseza and welcome to FB Diva Friday Chronicles. Please share a little about yourself with the reading audience. 

Louiseza: Hi Paul. First of all thank you so much for sharing your platform with me. It's indeed a blessing and an honor anytime someone allows me to share my voice with their audience. I'd say I'm a pretty down to earth person, but I always knew I wanted to impact others. I enlisted in the AirForce right after high school and spent seven years in the service. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Entrepreneur and Publisher Tiffany Emerge Boyle

Hello again and welcome to another week of FB Diva Friday Chronicles. This week's guest is the very talented Entrepreneur and Publisher, Tiffany Emerge Boyle. 

 Chronicles: Hello Tiffany, it certainly is an honor and pleasure to have you visit with us today. And thanks for sharing your time with the Chronicles readers. Please tell us a little about yourself? 

Tiffany: I was born and spent my younger years in Miami, Florida. So I am a Floridian all the way. I love the beach, flip flops, and the sun. I am single, not married ad have never been married. I spent my high school years overseas in Saudi Arabia and Germany. No, my family was not in the military at the time I lived overseas. Being overseas I had

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett

Hello! Once again it's time for another FB Diva Friday Chronicles: I am particularly excited this week to welcome a person who truly is helping make dreams come true, and that would be Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett. 

Chronicles:  Hello Vanessa, welcome to FB Diva Friday Chronicles. Please share a little background info on yourself for the reading audience.

Vanessa: I was born in Clapham Common, South London and raised in a Catholic household. Though I am the only child I was never lonely, I spent a lot of time with my cousins, and friends. I went to the best schools, at the time as I grew up in quite upper class areas Fulham and Battersea. After Sixth Form College I went to University and graduated with a BA honours in Journalism. I volunteered as a reporter for various magazines and newspapers, until I got a press office job.